“it’s impossible to take a bad water lily picture”

i love reviewing pictures that i have taken; they trigger memories of places, times and thoughts.  there are several water lily photos in my portfolio – i just can’t seem to get enough of them. their beauty is intoxicating.

the quote above was said to me by a friend of mine who also is a photographer and i remembered that i didn’t question his comment; i just smiled in acknowledgment.  did i acknowledge that there is no talent when it comes to photographing water lilies?  perhaps that i have no talent?  did i in a strange way take in this statement, agree with it and carry the thought a bit further by planting the notion that it may be impossible to take a bad picture in view of the fact that i use a digital cameral the technology of which he resists?

needless to say i love my camera, love taking photos, adore water lilies and will continue to take pictures of them and whatever whenever the spirit so moves.  his comment has not deterred me; however it did cause me to think for that moment and beyond.  in fact, i feel that he has given me a personal challenge to strive for more.


so i ask you this: to what extent do we allow others to influence our joy or to doubt ourselves?  how do we turn it around? the water lily makes its journey to the light every year and is beacon to me to emulate its process; may this picture be a reminder that beauty and great potential lies within us all.  it’s our choice to reach for the light.